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fsxNet logo - artwork by RiPuk

Introducing fsxNet

fsxNet is a fun, simple and experimental network established in late 2015

fsxNet is not a prescriptive network. e[X]perimentation is at heart of its name and members are actively encouraged to be creative in their use of the network. A limited number of message areas and file bases are used - setup is quick and [S]imple.

Technologies covered by the network include (but are not limited to) BBSing, ANSI art, Amateur (HAM) Radio, Retro / Vintage Computers & Gaming, FTN communications, network protocols & topologies, encryption methods, contemporary computers (e.g. Raspberry Pi), computer coding and more.

fsxNet sees a number of messages posted to it every week. It is an active support network for several developers of BBS software spanning BBS systems, door games and more.

fsxNet is not an invite-only closed network, rather it is an open community and everyone who wishes to join is welcome.

Do you find it [F]un to learn about and use retro computing technologies? Would you like to be part of a group that enjoy experimenting and developing those technologies further? If the answer is yes, then we invite you to join us :)

Site News

  • NETS 1,3,4 stats along with inter-bbs game stats have been added to the website
  • Usenet gateway information has been added
  • Echomail page has been expanded, history added etc.

You can always look at updates posted in FSX_NET the fsxNet Network Ops/Planning echomail area for more details, it also pays to keep an eye on history.txt

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