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BBS Videos

This page contains links to videos created about the BBS scene, its history etc. If you spot something that should be added, edited etc. please get in touch: avon@bbs.nz.


BBS Documentary

When the Internet grew in popularity in the early 1990s, the world of the BBS faded, changed, and became a part of the present networked world.. but it wasn't the same. In the Summer of 2001, Jason Scott, a computer historian (and proprietor of the textfiles.com history site) wondered if anyone had made a film about these BBSes. They hadn't, so he decided he would. Four years, thousands of miles of travelling, and over 200 interviews later, “BBS: The Documentary”, a mini-series of 8 episodes about the history of the BBS, is now available on YouTube.


Back to the BBS

Created by Alistair Ross (Al) 'Back to the BBS' is a documentary series introducing the viewer to what 'going online' was all about before the web. More importantly, it shows that BBSes are still alive and well in the 2020s. With interviews with dozens of great scene members, this is a series you don't want to miss!


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