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fsxNet File Bases

BBS can be configured to carry a number of file bases. These file bases (much like Echomail message bases) are also focused on certain subjects.

In the case of fsxNet there are file bases for BBS software, door games, and fsxNet admin files. At the very least you should set your system up to accept the latest fsxNet nodelist and infopack files.

Filearea Description
FSX_NODEWeekly Nodelists (fsxNet, etc.)
FSX_INFOWeekly Infopacks (fsxNet, etc.)
FSX_MYSTMystic BBS Software
FSX_MUTLMystic BBS Utils, Mods etc.
FSX_SOFTBBS Software (Current + Legacy)
FSX_DOORBBS Doors, Games etc.
FSX_UTLSBBS Utils, Tools, Networking etc.
FSX_ARTSANSI Art - Groups, Individuals etc.
FSX_IMGEImage Files (Various)
FSX_TEXTText Files (Various)
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