Nav changes and 'news'

New Nav Options

Today there’s been a few extra navigation options added to the website:

  • News - created to contain news updates about all things fsxNet
  • Wiki - a link to the fsxNet Wiki (
  • GitHub - a link to fsxNet repositories

Additional menu options added over the coming weeks.

fsxNet News

This post is an example of a new ‘news’ item posted to the website. Look for more as time rolls on.

Tags & Categories

You’ll also note at the top and bottom of this new post that we’re now assigning both categories (news) and tags (website).

The hope is that both lots of additional metadata will assist site visitors when they are looking for specific content based on their interest(s).

These are a work in progress and it’s envisaged that new nav options will be added in the coming weeks to for both sets of metadata.