New echoareas created

new places for roBOT posts + a dedicated 'test' echoarea

New Echomail Areas Created

There have been three (3) new echo areas created for roBOT posts.

Echoarea Description
FSX_ADS BBS and NETwork Ads. Run a BBS you want to tell the world about? Use a roBOT or manually post your BBS ASCII / ANSI ads here. Please don’t post the same thing more than once a week (7 days). Let’s keep it ‘minty fresh’ - too much of the same thing usually ends in a diet :)
FSX_STA Echomail + Network Stats. The echoarea for roBOT posts about echomail area stats, BBS mailer traffic and gateway activity. FTN network stats / reports are also posted here. Some people read them cover to cover while others like horoscopes better :)
FSX_FIL File Announcements. I like files, you like files, we all like files! This echoarea contains roBOT posts covering files received by fsxNet member BBS or files hatched from fsxNet HUBS to the wider community.

A new testing echomail area has been created.

Echoarea Description
FSX_TST Test messages and other experimentation is welcome here! Messages using the subject of ‘Test’ should receive an automated response from a roBOT. Humans can also appear magically with reports too.

This means testing in the FSX_GEN echo should now cease and move to FSX_TST please.

With the creation of the new echoareas there have been some tweaks to the descriptions and usage of existing echomail areas.

Echoarea Description
FSX_GEN A general discussion echoarea covering many topics.
FSX_BOT We welcome non-human roBOT output here. Gated or original content (e.g. weather, telemetry, entertainment etc.) lives here. BBS ads (FSX_ADS) , echomail stats (FSX_STA) or file announcements (FSX_FIL) live elsewhere.

If you have automated roBOT posts setup to appear in FSX_BOT you may need to change to one (or more) of the above new echo areas instead. Please amend you BBS BOT settings accordingly - thanks! 😉