fsxNet Webring

remembering the 90s...

What is a Webring?

Over at Wikipedia you will find this definition:

A webring (or web ring) is a collection of websites linked together in a circular structure, and usually organized around a specific theme, often educational or social. They were popular in the 1990s and early 2000s, particularly among amateur websites.

Thanks to Spec over at The Lower Planes BBS a webring has been set up for fsxNet.

If you would like to join you’ll need to supply the following:

  • BBS Name - we all have one of those right?
  • URL - for your associated web pages
  • LOGO - a banner style jpg image is preferred or send your login banner, ANSI file, etc. as it can be made to fit.

Contact Spec via email at sysop@tlp.zapto.org or netmail him sysop@21:3/101